Saturday, August 7, 2010



the following words dance with space to the tapped out rhythm of my trembling fingers.

ive decided that if you were a term i would rephrase you.
drawn? i'd erase you.
a stranger? i'd mace you.

but fuck it because i'm blind.
only when the spot on my wall moves is it alive, my eyes don't recognize the ties that bind us all so close or the common things spent roaming upon this earth ill never know. god damn these lenses setting trends is hard in a blurry world cant you realize i can't real eyes anything anymore. so i run hoping with contact with traffic a slapstick end to a life i regret down to the earth where my eyes don't matter, down to the earth where my mind may set.



  1. reminds me of this:

  2. file://localhost/Users/bradynichols/Desktop/Screen%20shot%202010-08-11%20at%2012.54.15%20AM.jpg