Friday, July 30, 2010



I'm that kind of exhausted that keeps you up all night; the kind that slows down minutes and feels like an accelerated and entirely more motivated day dream. I'm that kind of exhausted that skips comas and periods whilst unaffected, unconcerned, for i have little use for them. at this point it is about a slew of half relevant, half logical thoughts that speed by me like running scenery through a car window. car or train. train or bus. half relevant. certainly.




Not alot to say now


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a pizza familly

a family of pizza like children and one large male entered a pizza parlor to the dismay of the smallest but oldest child. his input and dissatisfaction was completely disregarded. i left blockbuster. i had rented star wars.

speaking of pizza

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Relatively uninspired


I prefer that which transpires after 12:07am or within the 7 minutes preceding. It is in fact tomorrow while-st sustaining the conduct, content and context of today. It is when My white walls are most ironic; taking moments to color balance and correct for the improper exposure of reality, all within the confides of my mind. Ironic in that way of being most "simple". The truth however is one that states a space void of value or hue is as close to perfection (or imperfection)as one can possibly comprehend, or at least visually relate to. Purity. How simple can perfect be?

I suppose that answer is relative.. like many other things in fact. in fact. in fact.

In fact, the very fabric upon which we exist, the one woven by time and space, has been appointed by mass consent and popular belief to be relative. Einstein said it himself.
I would go as far as to say that if i were to be given the opportunity to create my own religion i would call it Relativity and all of humanity would constantly be in practice accordingly to every molecule ever having corrupted the perfect (or ultimately imperfect) pitch black universe (or void of universe). I would be the most powerful and validated evil to ever feed off the habitual drone of man kind.

words words typed words seemingly entirely relatively uninspired

as for you? goodnight.


Sunday, July 11, 2010





After drawing a 2 and proceeding forth, William Landon received instructions that permitted him to quietly approach a friend; Jason Farworthy, and slip a 7 inch steak knife between two of his ribs. William dragged Jason to his truck and drove him to his residence where he would proceed to bury him beneath the foundation of his own home; the last place investigators were likely to look. William's next moves were bold. He faked his death, revoking his spot in life and deciding it was in his best interest to assume all of the roles that had belonged to Jason. It was the perfect crime. No body. None, at least, besides the one that belonged to a man that was still living. 12 years later the case unraveled and the man formerly known as William Landon stood before a scowling and resentful jury. When he pleaded guilty and the judge asked him why he would commit such a crime against a friend, he responded with no more than "Sorry" and was immediately set free and allowed to live his lives in peace.


Friday, July 9, 2010

I heard a story that


reinforced my belief that life is, quite literally, instantaneous.
It is in effect constantly becoming gone and becoming lightly fortified within the confides of a picture book mind.

I also realize today that road trips happen when miles intermingle with minutes to reform as one, and create a steadily but likely interrupted descending numerical worth.

this is a photograph i took of a radar at night.

This is a photograph i took of a radar at early dusk.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

What could have been; It may have changed everything


a feature length film having to do with the existence of man kind in the year 87,028
length: 2 hours 34 minutes

feature will automatically begin upon the activation of this post...

I want grind-core and dub-step to have a premature and as a result slightly autistic child


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eye candy


A collage utilizing a Facebook profile picture, as described by the publisher as "not photo shopped"


judgement day came and a divine being approached me inquiring of my deepest secrets and darkest sins


When i turned to him and answered "I am a fan of Miley Cyrus" he spit in my face, laughing, and sent me straight to hell.

I found this house two years ago sitting within the confides of an overgrown lot in down town Bluffton.

Upon revisit to again photograph it, it was no longer there.
the part that confused me was the lot was still overgrown, and in those terms seemingly untouched.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

It asked me what was new


In New Hampshire a 46 year old man by the name of Whitney Parsons becomes legally bound by marriage to his black 80GB iPod classic. The marriage, conducted by a fairy skipper of 2 years, lasted 38 minutes and 12 seconds and is said to have been moderately touching by those who involuntarily attended.

For images actually taken on sight at the wedding feel free to visit

2012 republican candidate Sara Palin held a book signing today in the lobby of the metropolitan museum promoting her newest book release; a narrative cookbook entitled About 16 Reasons I Dress Like a Tramp. The highly anticipated new release is predicted to dominate the "political science of cheffalry" genre; a subcategory coined by Palin last Fall during a rally in western Pennsylvania.

I found a series of interesting and in depth book reviews. for access proceed to the link below:

A Federal intelligence information leak has brought to the public's attention new and shocking information regarding the BP oil spill in the gulf. NATO and PETA divers allegedly witnessed four dolphins chewing away at the seabed surrounding the oil excretion point. Meanwhile, on the corporate level SHELL commissions what partners claim to be " a dolphin oil education and training program" meant to teach dolphins how to avoid eating oil...sounds to me like a bit of a FISHY situation..

see for more information