Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Relatively uninspired


I prefer that which transpires after 12:07am or within the 7 minutes preceding. It is in fact tomorrow while-st sustaining the conduct, content and context of today. It is when My white walls are most ironic; taking moments to color balance and correct for the improper exposure of reality, all within the confides of my mind. Ironic in that way of being most "simple". The truth however is one that states a space void of value or hue is as close to perfection (or imperfection)as one can possibly comprehend, or at least visually relate to. Purity. How simple can perfect be?

I suppose that answer is relative.. like many other things in fact. in fact. in fact.

In fact, the very fabric upon which we exist, the one woven by time and space, has been appointed by mass consent and popular belief to be relative. Einstein said it himself.
I would go as far as to say that if i were to be given the opportunity to create my own religion i would call it Relativity and all of humanity would constantly be in practice accordingly to every molecule ever having corrupted the perfect (or ultimately imperfect) pitch black universe (or void of universe). I would be the most powerful and validated evil to ever feed off the habitual drone of man kind.

words words typed words seemingly entirely relatively uninspired

as for you? goodnight.


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