Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a pizza familly

a family of pizza like children and one large male entered a pizza parlor to the dismay of the smallest but oldest child. his input and dissatisfaction was completely disregarded. i left blockbuster. i had rented star wars.

speaking of pizza


  1. the beginning of future embarkations upon the discourse regarding the imminent future of pizza.

    it all starts with a family gathering. the primary object of discussion is the Future of Pizza. something about the pizza, something about the future. i imagine it goes quite well. one day you walk upon a pizza and it has changed. "is it the future? has the future came upon is? is pizza changing?" perhaps.

    pizza undergoing many changes as we speak.

  2. that pizza/ its creator.

    for it is handled and then without much delay handed to be had.

    this pizza future.. is it in our hands?
    a culinary responsibility with the potential to shape man kind and the universe as we know it; a parallel to the mysteries and the according miseries of the dolphin bong.

    oh how the future unsettles me.