Thursday, July 1, 2010

It asked me what was new


In New Hampshire a 46 year old man by the name of Whitney Parsons becomes legally bound by marriage to his black 80GB iPod classic. The marriage, conducted by a fairy skipper of 2 years, lasted 38 minutes and 12 seconds and is said to have been moderately touching by those who involuntarily attended.

For images actually taken on sight at the wedding feel free to visit

2012 republican candidate Sara Palin held a book signing today in the lobby of the metropolitan museum promoting her newest book release; a narrative cookbook entitled About 16 Reasons I Dress Like a Tramp. The highly anticipated new release is predicted to dominate the "political science of cheffalry" genre; a subcategory coined by Palin last Fall during a rally in western Pennsylvania.

I found a series of interesting and in depth book reviews. for access proceed to the link below:

A Federal intelligence information leak has brought to the public's attention new and shocking information regarding the BP oil spill in the gulf. NATO and PETA divers allegedly witnessed four dolphins chewing away at the seabed surrounding the oil excretion point. Meanwhile, on the corporate level SHELL commissions what partners claim to be " a dolphin oil education and training program" meant to teach dolphins how to avoid eating oil...sounds to me like a bit of a FISHY situation..

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