Sunday, July 11, 2010



After drawing a 2 and proceeding forth, William Landon received instructions that permitted him to quietly approach a friend; Jason Farworthy, and slip a 7 inch steak knife between two of his ribs. William dragged Jason to his truck and drove him to his residence where he would proceed to bury him beneath the foundation of his own home; the last place investigators were likely to look. William's next moves were bold. He faked his death, revoking his spot in life and deciding it was in his best interest to assume all of the roles that had belonged to Jason. It was the perfect crime. No body. None, at least, besides the one that belonged to a man that was still living. 12 years later the case unraveled and the man formerly known as William Landon stood before a scowling and resentful jury. When he pleaded guilty and the judge asked him why he would commit such a crime against a friend, he responded with no more than "Sorry" and was immediately set free and allowed to live his lives in peace.